Don't Suffer Wage And Hour Violations On The Job

Most people expect a day's wage for a day's work. Unfortunately, some employers don't agree and they figure out ways to short their employee's pay. This is illegal under federal and Minnesota law. If it happens to you, you may feel angry. But, you may also worry if you complain, your employer may retaliate or even fire you. That too is illegal. We can help.

Before you put your job at risk, speak with our attorneys at Ranwick & Nowicki. We can answer all your questions, analyze your situation, and if it looks like a valid wage and hour claim, we can help bring legal action to recover your missing pay. And it won't cost you any attorney fees.

Are You Really Exempt?

The federal wage and hour laws govern hourly pay, when overtime must be paid and the factors that make a worker "exempt." Employers sometimes will try to avoid paying overtime by making a position "salaried" and calling an employee some variant of "manager."

Remember, job titles and salary do not control whether an employee is "exempt" from overtime. It is the type of work performed, and our lawyers can examine your working conditions and determine if a position is actually exempt or if you have suffered a wage and hour violation.

Misclassification Of Independent Contractors

Employers may also claim you are not an employee, but instead, an "independent contractor." There are very strict guidelines for determining whether a worker is an independent contractor or really an employee. Businesses will misclassify workers to avoid paying overtime, payroll taxes, social security and workers' compensation costs. We can explain the rules that make a worker an independent contractor.

Are You A Tipped Employee?

Minnesota has rules controlling tipped employees and prohibits tip pooling, tip credits and tip sharing. Our attorneys have worked on significant cases involving this issue and can help you if you are having issues with your employer.

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